Pet Surgery in Columbus

pet surgery, columbus

Although we do a high volume of pet surgeries in Columbus each day, we are sure to treat our patients with the specialized care they deserve.

Experienced Staff

Our staff members have years of experience and are highly trained. During surgery, your pet is continuously monitored by a veterinary technician or an assistant. A technician or assistant is always within close proximity to all pets during their entire stay at our clinic.


While each pet is under anesthesia, their vital signs are closely monitored. A pulse oximeter is used to provide additional information regarding the heart rate and oxygen levels.

Dogs that are presented for surgery are given a pre-medication to help ease anxiety and stress and prepare them for their procedure.

Customized Pain Management

We also have a strong focus on pain management, even for the simplest procedures. In order to enable a successful veterinary surgery and recovery, the control of pain associated with the procedure must be kept at the lowest possible level.

Since it is difficult to assess the level of pain an animal may be experiencing, our staff is trained to observe each animal closely and evaluate if they are experiencing any discomfort.

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